10 Awesome Facts You Never Knew About The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is one of America’s most popular sporting events, and is actually the most watched sports event by far in the United States. Other countries even watch it, because it is just that exciting and thrilling! Football has become a staple of American society, whether it’s high school football, college football, or the NFL. There are many funny and interesting facts about the Super Bowl that a lot of people don’t know though, and this list will hopefully shed some light on those facts!

Most Super Bowl Appearances

There are four teams tied for most Super Bowl appearances – the Denver Broncos, the New England Patriots, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Dallas Cowboys. Out of those teams, the Steelers have had the most wins, with 6 wins out of 8 games.

Starter Wins

There are only two quarterbacks in the U.S. who have won both a college football national championship as well as a Super Bowl as starters. Their names are Joe Montana and Joe Namath.