10 Awesome Christmas Gifts For Bookworms

With just over two weeks until Christmas, we are all scrambling around to get all of our shopping done. To save some of us from shopping at the last minute searching for gift ideas, here is a list of ten awesome ideas for people who love to read. Know someone who loves books? Then this is the place you want to be. These gifts are for people who already have something, don’t know they’re missing something or even for the minimalists out there, you can’t go wrong with any of these. Your budget doesn’t even have to be enormous, these gifts come in all forms, and they all have a special place for those special people in our lives.


This is no ordinary lamp. To go with their stacks of books, this will ensure their way is illuminated in their favorite spot.


At least when they chill out their favorite novels aren’t more than an arms length away. Talk about class and ease of use. Let’s just hope it’s more comfortable than it looks.