10 Astonishing Abandoned Buildings Turned into Street Art Masterpieces

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What are your first thoughts when you think of an abandoned building? A horror movie, a junkyard filled with drug addicts? Probably an art gallery is one of the last things you’d consider such buildings and places, but the truth is that some street artists manage to find the value in these places and transform them into beautiful pieces of art. Unable to spread their talent anywhere else, street artists are able to unleash their creativity on old and abandoned places and rather than leave them to rot, they create the most amazing masterpieces. Without further adieu, here are 10 of the most amazing and astonishing abandoned buildings, which were turned into art galleries filled with masterpieces by street artists.

The Living Abandoned Buildings by Nikita Nomerz

When walking around the streets of her home town of Nizhniy Novgorod, Russian artist Nikita Nomerz had the amazing idea of literary refacing old and abandoned buildings. She went as far as adding faces to most of the items surrounding the buildings, including old drums, fallen trees and more.

Les Baines Douches in Paris was an abandoned night club, which 50 practitioners of both street and fine art decided to turn into a breathtaking art gallery filled with amazingly creative interior design creative pieces. Simply astonishing!

The Baltimore Slumlord Project

In Baltimore, Maryland you can find a number of old and abandoned buildings, which before their transformation were nothing but an ugly site that ruined the city landscape. However a group of residents, enthusiasts of street art, came together and managed to paint entire neighborhoods. Their ‘Slumlord’ project even holds a message, as they’ve noted with their artwork, that the city was being ruined by the slumlords.

The Abandoned Italian Psychiatric Hospital

If you are looking for some more eerie street art, you should look no further than the amazing creations of Brazilian artist Herbert Baglione, who managed to turn an abandoned Italian psychiatric hospital into a true gallery of tormented spirits. He managed to achieve this feat while he was on a vacation!

The Abandoned Spy Building Turned into Street Art Piece

Receiving an official permit, street artists from Washington D.C. had the amazing change to turn an old and abandoned spy building into a true masterpiece. You can see the amazing results for yourself!

An old abandoned building in Ronse, Belgium was turned into a true tribute to Batman by a street artists known as PETE ONE. The walls of the building feature some of Batman’s craziest villains, along with the caped crusader as well.

The Canvas Optical Illusion

Abandoned buildings are truly a place where street artists can get creative. This is best exemplified by French artists Ella and Pitr, who decided to turn an old and forgotten building in Saint-Etienne, France into a fine art, canvas optical illusion art piece.

Known as the Z Project, the transformation of an abandoned multi-level parking garage in Detroit was achieved with the help of a number of artists, who managed to cover the walls with amazing graffiti. They’ve successfully repainted all of the walls of the 10-story parking garage turning it into a true street art gallery.

The 100 Artists Extravaganza Building

When stumbling upon an abandoned 10-story building in Paris, gallery owner Mehdi Ben Cheikh gathered around as much as 100 artist in order to turn this forgotten place into a work of art. The artists managed to artistically renovate as much as 36 apartments and left no space uncovered, creating amazing and memorable masterpieces.

Hansky’s and Friends Brownstone Masterpiece

An abandoned brownstone was wasting away, when renowned Street Artist Hansky and some of his friends decided to turn it in this amazing and memorable artwork.