10 Amazingly Unique Trails From Around The World

Walking is recommended by the doctors as one of the best activities anyone can enjoy. It’s safe, good for your health and it can even bring you to discover new things such as shortcuts, paths you’ve never been on before and introduce you to new people. A low-cost heart-healthy recreational activity can be boosted by going around places that can inspire you, and luckily the world is full of them, you just need to know where to look. Here’s the ten amazing walks you’ll definitely need to go on, even if it’s only once!

Rob Roy Walk, Scotland

The path follows the steps of legendary Scottish hero Rob Roy MacGregor, and is an incredible lesson on Scottish history that provides you with incredible views of glens, rivers, and mountains and lochs.

The Loire Valley, France

The Loire is thought to be Europe’s last untamed river. It’s incredible natural and architectural heritage makes it one of the most iconic walks on the planet.