10 Amazing Pieces Of Smart Clothing You Can Buy

Everyone needs clothing regardless of where you live and what job you do. Although the vast majority has been purely functional throughout history, technology has now gotten to a point whereby manufacturers are able to experiment with incorporating tech into the fabrics that make up the clothes we wear. These range from giving certain fashion products new abilities while others are able to withstand strange conditions thanks to the special materials that go into making them.

BC Vest

The BC vest is a special piece of clothing equipment that has been made with special fibres that are extremely strong. It is meant to replace backpacks, allowing users to carry all of their gear and equipment in a much more efficient manner, getting rid of the need to carry a bulky bag with them.


Fabrican Spray-On is a specially designed material that is used to effectively spray clothing directly onto a person. Polymers in the substance solidify fibers once they are on the skin and exposed to the air. This allows people to have clothing without any seams that perfectly fits their body shape and could even be used in emergencies to provide quick warmth or cover exposed skin.