10 Amazing Newborn Welcoming Traditions

Souvenirs For The Guests In Brazil

In Brazil it is expectant of the mother to prepare a basket filled with souvenirs for anyone who comes to visit the hospital when the baby is born. Usually the gifts are small, including fridge magnets, notepads or candies. Most of the time the gift also includes a note and a message providing the baby’s name and thanking the people for visiting.

Assign 20 Or More Names To The Newborn In Nigeria

On the seventh day, if it’s a girl, or on the ninth, if it’s a boy, the Nigerians hold a special naming ceremony for the newborn baby where it’s given a number of names. For example, apart from the family name, the baby is given a name that describes the circumstances surrounding the birth, another one will contain wishes for the happiness and prosperity of the child. However, the naming doesn’t end there. The guests and relatives can add more names to the baby by placing a token in a basket. The money are then put by the parents in a special account for the future of a baby. By the end of the ceremony the Nigerian newborn can have 20 or more names given to it.