10 Amazing And Shocking Things That Happen Every Second

The world is a vast and complex place, and the diversity of its inhabitants simply adds to this tapestry. With seven billion human beings and millions of other species going about their daily business, there is bound to be a lot of activity generated in our planet. We like to think of a second as a very small fraction of time, and it is compared to the age of our universe, but a lot happens every second on this planet of ours. Here is a list of 10 amazing and shocking things that happen every second.

Winging It

Bees are busy creatures and this work ethic carries over even to their biological set-up. In a second, a bee’s wing flaps over 270 times.

Coke Empire

We have no idea why Coca Cola still bother advertising so heavily across the planet when there are 10,450 cokes consumed every second.