10 Adorable Dogs And Cats In Easter Costumes

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Easter is in a little under two weeks, and that means lots of candy, Easter games and bunny-inspired apparel. Whatever your traditions for the season, most people who own pets can’t help but dress them up in adorable costumes. We’ve scoured the internet to find some of the cutest costumes you could get for your pet, whether it is a cat or dog, and have listed them in our list below. Check it out and let us know what you dress your pet up in!

Bulldog In A Onesie

How adorable is this bulldog in his Easter onesie? He doesn’t look too impressed by the carrot, though.

Easter Cat

This cat doesn’t look too thrilled to be wearing an Easter bunny costume…

Easter Puggy

We can just imagine this pug fighting crime along side Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in his Easter outfit.

Adorable Kitties

Why is it that all cats wearing costumes look like they want to murder their owners?

Sad Little Pup

This guy doesn’t seem too happy that it’s Easter… maybe that’s because he can’t eat chocolate.

Easter? No Thanks.

Have you ever seen a cat joining in celebrations for holiday season? We haven’t.

Another Sad Easter Doggie

What is it about Easter that brings out the sad side of everyone?

Adorable Hoodie

This furry little feline looks adorable in her Easter hoodie!

Easter Is Bull

What is it with bulldogs and Easter? This one doesn’t look too thrilled to be celebrating the season.

Smaller Ears

This cat is either grumpy because he/she is a cat and that’s what they do, or because the ears definitely don’t fit.