Top 20 LOL & WTF Animal Pictures Ever Captured

Meditating Lemur

This picture is a classic, having made quite a few rounds on the internet, so it’s earned a place on this list. You can’t get too much sillier than a lemur in this exact position, so you might as well relax and chant with him: “Ohmmmmm.”

Mata Mata Turtle

Another turtle in the group, and this guy looks like the first turtle’s rather edgy older brother. Have you ever seen a turtle with this freakish sort of head?


Manatees are on this list because they are rather funny-looking, but they’re also playful and curious. Best of both worlds, huh?

Macaque With Pringles

“You never can eat just one.” And Mr. Macaque has decided he wants ’em all. But you’d think that as long as he’s going to stuff his face, you’d think he’d turn around and look at that magnificent view.