Top 10 Silliest Monty Python Sketches

The British troupe known as Monty Python are legends of the comedy world, and it all began decades ago with a television series called Monty Python’s Flying Circus. This collection of sketches and cartoons was odd, surreal humor at its finest. In other words, it was very silly.

But while the Flying Circus had nary a dull moment, certain sketches stand above all others. The weirdest, goofiest, and funniest moments the boys of Monty Python ever produced. The silliest sketches of all.

10: Blackmail

This sketch features a rather bizarre reverse game show which extorts money from viewers by threatening to reveal embarrassing and occasionally incriminating secrets about them.

The best part is Michael Palin’s deliciously sleazy turn as the host, who displays a disturbing level of cheerfulness as he reveals the darkest secrets of random people from around the UK.

9: The Bishop

The Bishop is presented as a gritty crime drama starring Terry Jones as a hard-boiled… bishop. The credits seem to imply it’s some sort of publicity stunt by the Church of England.

The bishop does his best to stop a series of increasingly ridiculous murders of clergymen, only to arrive moments too late in every case.

The Bishop also demonstrates Monty Python’s willingness to be silly not only in their sketches, but even in the way their show is structured. The Bishop is a sort of bizarre time loop, ending with its beginning, and it even starts over once again later in the episode.