Top 10 Relationship Problems Every Couple Should Avoid

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Few relationships coast along on neutral, and it’s those conflicts of interest or occasional fiery exchanges that can actually add sparks. ‘Problems’ are a fact of life. But there are some issues that won’t add sparks; they’re far more likely to douse your relationship completely. Here are top 10 to be avoided.



The number one factor that will destroy the love a couple has for one another is when there is abuse, whether that’s physical, emotional or sexual. This can be very difficult to detect because the person abused is often so ashamed they would rather pretend nothing untoward is happening. But help is always available if you or someone you know is on the receiving end.



Once trust has been broken in a relationship it will prove to be very hard to put the pieces back together. Many factors can contribute to a lack of trust: jealousy, low self-esteem, possessiveness, worrying about an ex-partner still on the scene. The strength of any relationship can be determined by how readily they can overcome these issues.


The green-eyed monster

The thin end of this wedge is checking up on your partner when they’re not with you; asking their friends what they got up to on a night out, or snooping on phone messages. Actually, if you’re already stooping to that level there’s not much wedge left.



Another deal-breaker. Surely one of the ultimate personal insults is when your partner demonstrates they think you’re second best to someone else, even if this has only been a fleeting infatuation. But when someone is unfaithful they’re pretty much driving a stake straight into the heart of any relationship. Depending on how forgiving the spurned partner is able to be, there may be no dislodging it.


Chinese whispers

Perhaps not as dramatic as discovering a partner has been with someone else, but any sort of communication breakdown should be avoided. Always be open in a relationship, as picking things up wrongly can have serious consequences.



It should be a prerequisite for any serious relationship that the partners will always back up each other. No matter what the situation is, unity has to take place over personal pride. Even if you aren’t 100% in agreement your partner will totally respect your willingness to compromise.



Financial issues such as debt will gnaw away in any walk of life, but especially within a partnership. The moment a red bill arrives it should never be shoved to the back of a drawer. Always discuss issues. It’s best to have any problems out in the open – and shared.



It’s only natural for there to be friction in families, or between one partner and their in-laws. For the sake of your relationship, it pays to put on a brave face rather than allow animosity to simmer. If family is important to your other half they’ll resent you coming between them.


Time management

Whenever there’s an imbalance in time management this can become a problem in a relationship. Whether that’s spending too much time with a hobby or working late, it’s essential you set time aside for the most important person in your life. They’re referred to as your significant other for a reason.


Intimacy issues

Many relationships falter in the bedroom department. But this crucial aspect of together needing to be treated carefully, with openness. Say you originally met via a this dating site. Just remember that flush of optimism and excitement you first felt when you connected virtually. Then go out of your way to recapture the horny mood in the real world.