11 Reasons Why Guys Don’t Like Serious Relationships

A girl can do all but throw herself at some guys and never seem to get anywhere. That’s because there are guys out there that just have no interest in a serious relationship. They have their reasons, and some of them are pretty legitimate ones. Whether he just doesn’t want a commitment, or he prefers to keep his freedom, you just can’t expect to rope in a guy that is anti-relationship. Curious as to what makes a guy this way? Keep reading!

He Doesn’t Want To Lose Himself

When a relationship starts suddenly you are both sharing things that once were your individual things. Many guys avoid relationships because they are afraid of losing themselves. They don’t want to give up the things they love or their hobbies, but that sometimes happens in relationships. They also want to keep some things to themselves, but in a relationship you suddenly need to share all of your hobbies and loves with one another. Guys also want to keep their guy time, which is part of being a guy. However, relationships are time consuming and can cut out some of that guy time.

He Has No More Alone Time

While guys are social creatures, just like everyone else they need some time alone. Some guys would rather keep the ability to have their alone time uninterrupted rather than getting into a relationship where they may find their time monopolized by a girlfriend. This issue can sometimes be solved by making separate plans, or having a man cave in which women are not allowed, if he can be convinced to give a relationship a try.

Too Much Gossiping

Women have a tendency to gossip and most guys aren’t into that sort of thing. No guy wants to have a girlfriend that is known as a gossip. Unless a guy can be sure he’s found a woman that isn’t into spreading rumors and talking about people behind their backs, he may prefer to stay single.