The Shocking Meanings Behind 20 Of The Most Popular Songs Ever

Safety Dance

This 80’s hit from “Men in Hats” is still popular today, and was even covered on Glee. The song just sounds like a good song to dance to, but it was actually written about club bouncers who would kick people out for doing a new dance craze called “Pogoing” that they deemed unsafe.

Wish You Were Here

When Pink Floyd released the album “Wish You Were Here” and a single of the same name, listeners thought it was about saying goodbye to the band’s founder, Syd Barrett. But Roger Waters explained it was actually about him wanting to be actively engaged in life and not just a bystander.


George Michael’s song “Freedom” has been used in commercials, kids movies, and even in Olympic ceremony closings. Funny enough, Michael actually wrote the song to demonstrate his resentment towards the music industry.

Gimme Back My Bullets

Lynyrd Skynyrd scored massive success with their single, “Sweet Home Alabama” in 1976. Three years later, they were struggling to make another hit and they wrote this song. “Gimme Back My Bullets” isn’t about guns, but rather a reference to the bullet-like symbols used on the Billboard charts, which they wanted to climb.