The 20 Worst Moments Of The Day For The Permanently Tired

Hands up if you’re really tired right now? For some people, any time that isn’t the weekend is a genuine struggle and even making it through the day is an achievement to be celebrated. If you’re permanently tired, a normal working day can feel like the worst thing in the world and if you’re nodding and yawning while reading this, this one’s probably for you. Behold, the worst challenges for the permanently fatigued. Just count yourself lucky if you’re even awake right now.

When Monday Comes Around

It’s universally accepted that Monday is the worst day of them all, but when you’re really tired, it takes on a whole new significance. Knowing that you are only one early morning down in the week is a genuine tragedy.

When You’re Out Of Coffee

The only saving grace of rising early is the fact that you have a coffee to wake you up. Getting up and discovering the coffee jar is empty, then, is a fate worse than anything else.

When Your Morning Shower Does Nothing

The feeling of fresh water on your skin normally does the trick to shake you into life, but when you’re really tired, even the freshest of showers can send you back to sleep. We don’t even know how.

When It’s Still Dark Outside

Getting up in the winter time is like a permanent joke and you’ve thought many times that rising when it’s still dark should be illegal. You can barely open your eyes anyway and the night-time-morning makes it so much worse.