The 20 Worst Moments Of The Day For The Permanently Tired

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Hands up if you’re really tired right now? For some people, any time that isn’t the weekend is a genuine struggle and even making it through the day is an achievement to be celebrated. If you’re permanently tired, a normal working day can feel like the worst thing in the world and if you’re nodding and yawning while reading this, this one’s probably for you. Behold, the worst challenges for the permanently fatigued. Just count yourself lucky if you’re even awake right now.

When Monday Comes Around

It’s universally accepted that Monday is the worst day of them all, but when you’re really tired, it takes on a whole new significance. Knowing that you are only one early morning down in the week is a genuine tragedy.

When You’re Out Of Coffee

The only saving grace of rising early is the fact that you have a coffee to wake you up. Getting up and discovering the coffee jar is empty, then, is a fate worse than anything else.

When Your Morning Shower Does Nothing

The feeling of fresh water on your skin normally does the trick to shake you into life, but when you’re really tired, even the freshest of showers can send you back to sleep. We don’t even know how.

When It’s Still Dark Outside

Getting up in the winter time is like a permanent joke and you’ve thought many times that rising when it’s still dark should be illegal. You can barely open your eyes anyway and the night-time-morning makes it so much worse.

When You Wake Up Before Your Alarm

Waking up a few minutes before you even have to is like some sort of sick joke. You have no idea how your body even allows you to wake up early and still feel exhausted.

When You Lie Down On Your Bed Before Dressing

You tell yourself that you’re just going to take a three minute break before committing to dressing for work but in reality, you know that you’re just going to fall back to sleep. Trying to get up afterwards is the worst feeling in the world.

When You’re Waiting For The Train

There is nothing more tiring than waiting for a train to pull into the station and even with the movements of people around you, you still feel really tired.

When You’re Stuck In An Early Meeting

Early meetings on Monday mornings are what hell is made of and if anything lasts longer than 30 minutes, you know that you will probably fall asleep. You load up on coffee in the hopes of staying alert but in reality, you know that it will do nothing.

When You Start Drooling Because You’re So Tired

Resting your head for a few minutes always ends in disaster and you have noticed a small pool of drool forming on more than one occasion. You try and control your body but at this point, nothing can be done.

When You Curse Yourself For Going To Bed Late

You have no idea why, the night before feeling really tired, you thought it was a good idea to stay up really late. You hate yesterday you with such a passion that it scares you a little bit.

When You Face A Short Deadline

Juggling a big workload and a short deadline when you’re really tired is practically impossible and for a moment, you feel like crying. The trouble is, you’re too tired to even show any emotion, you so you just try and power through.

When You Accidentally Nap On Your Break

Instead of spending your coffee break actually drinking coffee, you rest your head on your desk for what you tell yourself will only be 5 minutes. 20 minutes later, you are roused by the sight of your boss’ face looming over yours. Oops.

When Your Big Lunch Makes You Sleepy

Food is supposed to wake you up, but somehow, you manage to overdo it and eat too much. The post-lunch sleepy spell that you experience is just another set back in your already ruined day.

When You Get Stuck With A Boring Workmate

There’s always one workmate who has the most boring stories that they love to tell everyone, and for some reason, you always manage to get stuck talking to them. Their monotone voice has literally sent you to sleep before, but they didn’t even notice.

When You Get Caught “Resting” At Work

You spend your afternoon slump resting your head on your desk and on more than one occasion, you have been found fast asleep in a puddle of your own drool. You are trying to master the art of sleeping with your eyes open but for now, you haven’t quite got it right.

When You Daydream About Your Bed, But You Have To Work

Your bed is the sweetest spot in the whole world and you can’t help but spend your day thinking about its soft covers and cozy duvet. Realizing that you’re still at the office is like a slap in the face.

When You’re Watching The Clock

Clock watching at work is never a good idea and when you’re really tired, it’s even worse. You think it’s so ironic that, when you sleep, time goes like a flash but when you’re really waiting for the day to end, it barely moves.

When You’re Forced To Go Out With Friends

The glory of the end of a workday is ruined when friends remind you of the plans you made to see them during the evening. You try and blow them off but every time they force you to come out and stay late.

When You Fall Asleep On Your Commute

You’ve tried really hard all day but by the time you reach your final train, you can’t hold it in any more. The gentle movement of the train sends you straight to sleep and most days, you end up missing your stop.

When You Instantly Wake Up Before Bedtime

As soon as you make plans to go to sleep, however, something weird happens. Your eyes widen, your body picks up and you finally wake up. Oh, the irony.