The 10 Most Impressive Big Cats

Big cats are a lot more impressive and cooler than small house cats, which is a simple fact that most people should have no trouble agreeing to. Big cats are majestic, beautiful, powerful, and ferocious all combined into one four-legged package. These beasts are usually sought after for their fur, which can sell on the black market for thousands at a time, sadly. They are aggressive, though, so poachers be wary. Here are the ten most impressive big cats in the known world.


The Bobcat is only found within North America, and is a known predator within the woods, desert areas, and swampland environments. They usually only feast upon rabbits, deer, and smaller rodents, so humans can be thankful. They have attacked people in the past, though.


An Ocelot may seem like a fake animal, but we assure you that it is not. They are similar to a domesticated feline, but still live in the wild. Their coat has made them a high-value target for poaching, sadly. You can only find them in South America, Central America, and Mexico, though.