Suspected Colorado Wolf Pack Turns Out Much Fluffier Than Expected

Suspected Colorado Wolf Pack Turns Out Much Fluffier Than Expected

In recent days, in Park County, Colorado, a suspected wolf pack has left residents somewhat terrified and afraid to leave their homes at any hours of the day. Could the wolves attack? Would they go after children? No one knew for sure, but all were too scared to find out.

Thankfully, no one has to fear any longer. According to authorities in Colorado, the “wolf pack” was none other than a pack of five St. Bernard dogs — big, loveable pets — who escaped from their owner’s home earlier in the week. All five were found safe, traipsing through the woods and having the time of their lives.

Earlier this month, on April 25th, a video sent to the Park County Sheriff’s Office depicting a pack of four-legged creatures running alongside a herd of elk forced the authorities to open an investigation to avoid any injuries or casualties in the area. At the time, everyone assumed the video was of a wolf pack.

In a news release, the local sheriff’s office said:

The dogs’ owner has confirmed the five dogs were running loose on Monday, April 25, when the alleged wolf sighting occurred. The video was shot from a very long distance away and the lighting and shadows made it difficult to determine what type of large, four-legged animals were running near an elk herd. In addition, CPW flew an airplane over the area this morning, and did not find any evidence of wolves or injured or deceased elk.

It didn’t take long for the local law enforcement agency to discover the truth. It turns out, these very same St. Bernards would routinely escape from their owner’s home and race about the county.

Unfortunately for the owner, a citation was hand-delivered by the authorities for “permitting a dog to run at large.”