‘Super Mario Bros.’ Movie Is As Bad As You Remember


If you grew up in the 90’s, then you probably had the distinct privilege at some point to either play or watch one of the greatest video games ever – Super Mario Brothers. It was a fun, joyous and brightly colored game about an Italian plumber who jumps to the right and likes collecting coins, stars, and flowers while smashing the adorably evil goombas. He also had one of the greatest theme songs ever. Then again, if you grew up back then and remember all this, then you probably remember – or rather, wish you’d forgotten – the embarrassingly awful movie adaptation of the beloved game.

If you’re lucky, they you’ve either put it out of your mind or recall it with a childish nostalgia. Either way, now that you’ve grown up you are likely ready to laugh at just how bad it really was. In fact, this movie is so bad and so far removed from its source material that the only thing its good for it laughing at. Thanks to Honest Trailer-making Screen Junkies, we now have that opportunity.