Stranded Sheep Rescued From Rooftops in England

Stranded Sheep Rescued From Rooftops in England

Surely you’ve witnessed your fair share of oddities in your lifetime? Perhaps you swear on your soul that you met a world-famous actor at your local fast food joint? Or, perhaps you saw a group of sheep trapped on a rooftop in England?

One of those situations sounds more genuine than the other, right? And here’s a hint, it’s not the sheep trapped upon a residential rooftop.

But lo and behold, in Yorkshire, England, firefighters were called to the scene of five sheep stranded on a roof. The small herd of farm animals jumped atop the rooftop from a gap in the neighboring field. We’re curious to see the overall height of the house, though.

In any case, the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Services, talking about the situation over on Twitter, claimed a technical rescue officer responded to a citizen’s urgent phone call claiming five sheep were stranded up high.

Thankfully, said officer came equipped with “specialist animal husbandry training,” which allowed the rescue efforts to move along unhindered.

Rooftop Sheep

How? You may ask. A good question!

As it turns out, the rescue officer and an outstanding citizen in the area fashioned a makeshift bridge that allowed all five sheep to safely walk off the rooftop and back to the neighboring field with relative ease.

In the Twitter thread, where the Fire and Rescue Services announced the frankly unbelievable scenario, folks couldn’t help but joke around over the absurdity of the situation. Some users were impressed by the leaping abilities of the sheep.

We can’t help but be curious as to how and when this situation will arise again in the future. Surely the gap between the farm field nearby and the rooftops of this small suburb remain close, so won’t another small herd of sheep follow suit? Only time will tell!