South Park’s 10 Best Story Arcs

Randy Is Lorde

What started as a throwaway joke became a central part of the continuous plot of Season 18. In Gluten Free Ebola, Randy promises to get singer-songwriter Lorde to appear at a party the boys are throwing. He is, obviously, unable to deliver. At the party, he dresses in drag and pretends to be the young pop star, singing a song with lyrics that mostly consist of the phrase “I am Lorde. Ya, ya, ya.

At least, that’s what the joke was intended to be. Brennen Carly, a writer for Spin magazine, misinterpreted the episode as a personal attack on Lorde, believing it inferred she was actually Randy in drag. The South Park team fired back the very next episode, fully embracing the idea that Randy is living a double life as the singer. A suspicious reporter for Spin magazine named Brandon Carlile attempts to uncover the truth about Lorde, but ultimately decides not to publish his story. Spin magazine apologized for reacting so defensively to a joke that wasn’t even there.


The Pandemic episodes not only parodied found footage films, they served as a critique of the show’s format itself. Throughout the episodes, Craig, usually reserved as a background character, calls out the series four protagonists, pointing out that their irresponsible behavior makes them run into these situations in the first place.