Police Simulate A 5 MPH Crash To Convince Students To Wear Seat Belts


A lot of people still drive around without any form of a seat belt to keep them protected while behind the wheel. The police department within your area, of course, isn’t a fan of this type of situation, as it isn’t safe for anyone who is driving on the road, and many die from collisions while not wearing said seat belt.

Recently, Connecticut State police showed up at The University of Hartford and had a few students ride in “the convincer.” The convicer is a short ride, which has little-to-no fun associated with it, and simulates a 5 mile-per-hour crash (8 km/h). Most people don’t think 5 miles-per-hour is very fast, but you can see the shock on everyone’s face as they feel the impact surge through their body.

This should be a lesson to all, buckle up!