Norfolk Police Department Release Incredible Lip Sync Video

Norfolk Police Department Release Incredible Lip Sync Video

The Norfolk police department were challenged by officers in Corinth, Texas, to complete a lip sync challenge and the NPD have delivered a masterpiece.

The town of Norfolk in Virginia must have a pretty low crime rate at the moment, because these officers appear to have spent a long time planning and organizing their lip sync routine. The routine includes almost everyone in the police station, including fire fighters. They recently posted their clip to the Norfolk Police Department Facebook page, and despite being uploaded just seven days ago, it has more than 64 million views, 1.3 million likes, and 1.4 million shares.

On the post, Norfolk PD said;

“YOUR WAIT IS OVER!!!! The Norfolk Police Department was challenged by the Corinth Police Department, Texas to a #lipsync battle and we gladly accepted. As you can see we all had a great time filming the video, which we have to point out was done in #onetake! #NorfolkPD is challenging Seattle Police Department, Norfolk Constabulary, Virginia Beach Police Department, and St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department (OFFICIAL)”


Amazingly enough, the entire video was filmed in one take – that’s not only incredible for a music video, but the amount of people that were included in this lip sync is mind-boggling. Perfect timing with the lip sync, even the entrances of the guys playing the trumps on traffic cones is amazingly timed. Our hats go off to these officers – not only do they do an amazing job protecting the people of Norfolk, they’re incredible at lip syncing too!

What’s even more impressing is the fact that they were challenged just eight days before – that doesn’t give a lot of time for everyone in the video to decide on a song, the choreography, and learn it all…

Here’s the video from Corinth Police Department, we still think Norfolk takes the cake.