Man Who Had Sex With A Horse Said It Gave Consent By Winking

Man Who Had Sex With A Horse Said It Gave Consent By Winking

After suspecting that a stable in New South Wales had been broken into in December, stable staff installed CCTV cameras. A month after the first suspected break-in, an alarm was triggered during the evening on January 22nd.

Staff checked the security cameras and seen 31-year-old Daniel Raymond Webb-Jackson opening a number of stables and called the police. When the police arrived, they saw Webb-Jackson crouching in a corner in one of the stables, and was shortly arrested and taken to Grafton police station.

During interviews, police learned that Webb-Jackson committed two sexual acts with one of the horses. He told the police that one of the horses smelt his crotch and then winked at him, which Webb-Jackson took as the animal giving consent.

The horse’s trainer said he was preparing the two-year-old horse for a race, but the incident with Webb-Jackson changed the horse’s behavior dramatically.

“She is only a little two-year-old and we had to put her out in the paddock. The filly went from being quiet to just being highly strung, she changed in 24 hours. We had to put her in the paddock to try and get her head right. You don’t want to see this sort of thing happening, it’s really sick stuff.”

Magistrate Karen Stafford said the two sexual acts Webb-Jackson performed on the horse were digitally penetrating (with the fingers) and allowing the horse to fellate him (oral sex). He has been sentenced to 10 months in jail, eligible for parole after six months, whilst also being fined $700.