Guy Lets His Friend Give Him A Haircut And It Backfires Hilariously

Guy Lets His Friend Give Him A Haircut And It Backfires Hilariously

Getting your hair professionally cut can sometimes be expensive, and this leads some people to get their hair cut at home. Unless your head is being shaved, this generally isn’t the best idea – your hair will never turn out as well as it does at a salon. Well, Manu Vyas from Toronto wanted to have his hair cut short, but decided to have some fun before he got it professionally cut.

Manu enlisted the help of one of his friends to give him what he always wanted – a bowl cut. Manu posted the results of his haircut online and it has gained attention from around the world, receiving more than 46,500 upvotes on Reddit, with more than 2,700 comments. When asked why he wanted a bowl cut, Manu said;

“There’s a some factors as to why I wanted such a botched bowl cut. No this wasn’t a bet. My buddy Everett just wanted to give me a bowl cut.

I was bored and wanted to do something funny, I always wanted a bowl cut, I was going to cut my hair short anyways so I decided why not get my friend to ruin my hair, my friend wanted to give me a bowl cut.”

“For the haircut we went to my friend’s house, got all the tools (bowl, trimmer and scissors). I put a garbage bag on so I didn’t get hair all over myself and sat on a lawn chair. The haircut was pretty quick, my friend started cutting away hairs at the front and sides, then he used the beard trimmer on the back of my head, creating the perfect bowl.

The sides and front were fairly easy to do, all my friend had to do was follow the bowl (I had to do a bit too for fear of getting my ear chopped off). The back was fun for him but not for me.

Every single time he would use the trimmer on the back of my head it would be going above my neck line by a centimetre. When his brother came outside to check out whats going on all he said was “oh, God” and they both started laughing, but I was in too deep with the bowl cut and decided to let him have his way with it.”

After posting photos of his haircut on Reddit, Manu received mixed responses, including people asking if there was a wig on his thumb.

“Looks like your thumb with a wig”

“Your haircut is so disturbing it makes me physically uncomfortable to look at it.”

“It took me a minute to figure out what I was looking at. I swear I thought it was a thumb with a tiny wig on it.”

“I came here to say something similar. Straight up uncomfortable. Also, I’m crying from laughter. There has to be a name for this phobia”

Manu has what he always wanted – a bowl cut, and in the process has made thousands of people around the world smile at his ‘thumb with a wig’.