Eight Incredibly Creative Alternative DIY Christmas Trees

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Christmas is rearing its festive head and growling at you (in a lovely, Christmassy kind of way, obviously). If you haven’t got your tree up yet, you really should get on it soon. But of course, Trees these days don’t come cheap, and decorating them can take up an awful lot of your precious time and effort. So, if you’re too cheap, or too lazy, or you simply don’t want to deal with all the mess a real Christmas tree entails, we’ve gathered up eight alternative (and much more creative) ideas for your viewing pleasure.

Newspaper Tree

With this tree you can take in the day’s news and feel festive all at once. What’s not to like?

Cardboard Tree

Still looks pretty Christmassy, and you don’t have to worry about dealing with tinsel and all that nonsense. Less is more, people.

Wall Tree

So this tree is actually part of the wallpaper. Lovely stuff. The only thing we’re wondering is, do they have to paint over it every year?

Cardboard Tree 2


Another cardboard tree, with much more of a traditional Christmas vibe. Imagine being able to enjoy a tree, and not having to vacuum up the pine needles. We can but dream…

Jenga Tree

We bet they have the most intense, high stakes game of Jenga taking this tree down after Christmas is all said and done.

Twig Tree

All you need for this slightly ill looking set up is a few dry twigs from your own back garden. This is probably the kind of tree Tim Burton has in his house.

Something… Tree?

We’re not entirely sure what this is… an old mannequin? A basket weave? Either way, it looks very pretty indeed.

Rust Tree

Got loads of old rust lying around, but no idea what to do with any of it? We’ve got you covered. Turn into a vintage looking Christmas tree. It’s the obvious solution really.