All 12 Boys And Their Coach Have Been Rescued From Cave In Thailand

All 12 Boys And Their Coach Have Been Rescued From Cave In Thailand

All twelve of the boys from the Wild Boars soccer team and their coach are now free, as of 6 pm local time. Earlier today a team of 19 divers set out to rescue the remaining boys and their coach, who have now bee transported to a hospital in Chiang Rai.

Eight boys were rescued from the cave on Sunday and Monday; four each day. The remaining four boys emerged from the cave at 4:06 pm local time, 4:30 pm, 5:15 pm, and 6:00 pm, with the coach following soon afterwards.

Australian anesthetist and doctor Richard Harris has played a vital role in the rescue, diving each day to where the boys were located to check on their condition, before returning back. It takes approximately 11 hours for a diver to reach the part of the cave where the boys were and return back.

The boys were in the cave for 17 days before being rescued, with the constant threat of rising water levels making their rescue all the more extraordinary. The names and ages of the boys trapped in the cave, along with their coach, have been released;

Chain Vibulrungruang (known as Titan), 11

Panamas Sangdee (known as Mig) 13

Duganpet Promtep (known as Dom), 13

Somepong Jaiwong (known as Pong), 13

Adul Sam-on, 14

Mongkol Booneiam (known as Mark), 14

Nattawut Takamrong (known as Tern), 14

Ekarat Wongsukchan (known as Bew), 14

Prajak Sutham (known as Note), 15

Pipat Pho (known as Nick), 15

Pornchai Kamluang (known as Tee), 16

Peerapat Sompiangjai (known as Night), 17

Assistant coach Ekapol Chantawong (known as Akeake), 25

The boys became trapped in the cave after venturing there after school on June 23rd, and after they hadn’t been heard from at 7 pm their head coach grew concerned. He went to the cave and found their bikes and bags at the entrance, but there was no sign of the boys. As rainwater was rushing into the cave, the boys continued deeper, settling down on a dry ledge approximately 4 kilometers from the entrance.

After more than a week of not knowing where the boys were or whether they were alive, two divers found the group on July 2nd. It has been a race against time and rain since then, but thankfully many volunteers from across Thailand and around the world have joined forces and helped the boys and the coach get out safely.

It currently isn’t known if any of the boys are suffering from any injuries or issues from being trapped in a dark cave for more than two weeks, but they have been rescued and will be back with their families after doctors have cleared them.