20 Weird And Crazy Ways To Save Money

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Saving money is something everyone needs to do. There are the normal ways to save like putting money in a savings account and then there are some weird ways to save money such as flushing your toilet less often. Although that is a gross way to save money, it actually works because you will be saving more money on your water bill. Check out these 20 weird and crazy ways to save money so you can have more money in your pocket.

Go Without Washing Your Hair

This is gross and not everyone can do this because of the way their hair is, but doing this can save money on your water bill and not to mention save money since you won’t have to buy shampoo. You can actually go from washing it every day to washing it once a week. Your hair will have more volume and body to it. Of course, you will have to put up with about a week of gross and oily hair but once you get through that, your hair will produce less oil making it so you just don’t have to wash it as often. This can save you time and money.

Stop Using Coupons

You might think you are saving money by using coupons but you actually aren’t. They are really just tricks to get you to buy something on impulse. Not only this, but the coupons you get are usually on brand name items. Instead of using coupons, buy generic instead to save money.

Unsubscribe To Junk Email And Junk Snail Mail

Either don’t subscribe at all or if you already have, unsubscribe from them. They are just temptations to get you to buy something from them. Unsubscribing from junk mail and junk email will also help cut down on all that clutter you may have.

Stop Using Toilet Paper

Yeah, another gross way to save money and not everyone is going to do this but if you did, imagine how much money you could save! Instead of using toilet paper, buy extra cheap wash cloths at the dollar store and use them to wipe with instead. You can wash these with bleach and hot water and keep using them.

Go Dumpster Diving

Did you know your local store throws food away at the end of the day? And it is still packaged meaning you could get into the dumpster behind the store, if they let you because some stores don’t let you, and you can find a lot of useful items in there, even food that was never even opened.

Flush Your Toilet Using Less Water

Did you know you can actually flush your toilet using less water? All you have to do is put a capped water bottle full of sand in the back of the tank and it will displace enough water to help you save 10 gallons every day. Imagine how low your water bill will be if you do this!

Use Cash Only

Here is a challenge to you, use cash only when buying things or paying bills. This will cut out the credit card debt. You can pay bills at certain places that let you pay your electric bill or phone bill with cash. Of course, they let you use credit and debit too but try to use cash only and see how much money you save without using your credit cards.

Make Your Own Products At Home

You can make your own shampoo, dish washing liquid, and even soap from home. You can also make your own mouthwash and fabric softener. Making your own products from home can save you a ton of money instead of buying them from the store.

Walk Everywhere

Try to walk everywhere instead of having a car. This is not possible for everyone but some people can walk to work or school to help them save on car maintenance and gas.

Buy Your Groceries Straight From The Farm

You can go to your local farm and buy your meat, milk, and eggs instead of spending a ton of money at the grocery store. These foods are expensive in the grocery store, so why not buy directly from the farm.

Live In A Smaller House

Although living in a large house with more space might be everyone’s dream, why not be unique and live in a smaller house that costs less? You can save on utilities this way. Some people even decide to be even more unique and simple and live in a tiny house.

Save Condiments From Eating Out

If you eat out, save those condiments by putting them in a ziplock bag and putting them in the refrigerator. This can save you from having to buy ketchup, mustard, and even mayonnaise. You can also use the parsley leaves to freshen your breath.

Roast Your Own Coffee Beans

You can actually roast your own coffee beans meaning you won’t have to buy the expensive coffee from the store anymore. There are many tutorials online that tell you how to do this.

Never Buy Anything Brand New

Try buying used or secondhand to cut down on costs. You can go to thrift stores to find some great clothes and shoes that are really cheap. Some thrift stores even have 10 cent and 50 cent days meaning everything in the store on a certain day is either 10 cents or 50 cents.

Eat Raw Food

Try to eat at least one meal per week of raw vegetables. Doing it this way means not turning on your stove that day and this can cut energy costs down. One day per week shouldn’t be too hard — even if you love meat.

Reuse Disposable Items

There are a few different disposable items that can be reused such as saran wrap, tinfoil, and even ziplock bags. You shouldn’t reuse them more than a couple of times but reusing them at least one time before buying new can save on these products, meaning you won’t have to buy new ones for longer.

Reuse Coffee Grinds

Don’t reuse them in your next pot of coffee but you can actually use coffee grinds as a great skin exfoliator, as fertilizer in your garden, and even to get rid of cellulite. Sounds like coffee grinds can do a lot. This will save you on skin care products and garden fertilizer.

Pick Up Coins Off The Ground

Every time you see a coin on the ground, whether it is a penny or a quarter, pick it up because these add up pretty fast. Try looking down on the ground while you walk so you don’t miss anything.

Turn Into Scrooge During The Holidays

This doesn’t mean you have to be mean to everyone, but you can save a lot of money by making your own holiday decorations from things you already have in your home. This is better than spending hundreds of dollars on holiday decorations.

Go To Bed Earlier

Going to bed early at night and getting up early in the morning can save you a ton of money because you won’t have to use your household lights as much. This is a great way to take advantage of the daylight hours, especially during the spring and summer time.