20 Weird And Crazy Inventions That You Have Never Heard Of Before

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Although you may have thought of some great idea for a new invention and you think it is the greatest thing you have ever thought of before, maybe that idea should stay just that, an idea. There are some really weird and crazy inventions already on the market that people have thought of and have actually made into something. Have you ever heard of a goggle umbrella before? Here are 20 of the weirdest and craziest inventions that you probably haven’t heard of before.

Baby Stroller And Scooter Hybrid

Now here is an idea! Something every mom and dad could use. Instead of walking your children in their stroller, why not scoot right along with them on an attached scooter? Sounds like fun but a little weird at the same time!

Flask Tie

Need a drink while at work? No one will suspect you drinking since you have it in your tie. This invention allows you to take a drink from your tie. Of course, you can put anything you want in the flask tie including water; which would be better to drink at work, or coffee!

Butter Stick

Because you know you just need your butter to be on a stick, right? This invention brings a new meaning to a stick of butter. Just use the stick to roll your butter onto your toast.

Motorized Ice Cream Cone

No need to lick the ice cream around the cone anymore with this crazy invention since it will move for you.

Goggle Umbrella

If you are tired of not being able to see through your umbrella, no worries! This goggle umbrella will let you see through the transparent part.

Baby Mop

Your baby already crawls and scoots all over the floor now, so why not put this mop onesie on them so they can clean your floor at the same time?

Training Wheels For High Heels

If you are uncomfortable with wearing high heels but you have to learn soon, this invention will help. Training wheels on high heels will help you learn how to wear high heels effectively.

Utensil Pen Caps

If you are tired of having to put your pen down to eat, with this invention you can eat and write at the same time! No need to take turns eating and writing anymore.

Hug Me Pillow

Need a hug and a nap at the same time? This hug me pillow will help you achieve that. Everyone needs a hug and everyone loves naps, so this is a cool combination!

Coffee Mug Iron

This invention will help you drink your coffee and iron your clothes at the same time. How about that for a good combination?

Transparent Toaster

No more burnt toast with this toaster because you can see through it. How cool is this one? No one likes burnt toast so this is ideal for everyone.

Candle Forks

This invention is a really cool but weird one. No more having to look for candles anymore for that birthday cake. With this invention, you have two in one — candles and forks.

Apple Sweaters

Apple sweaters can help keep your apples from getting bruised, especially if you have them in your lunchbox. Not only this, but they just make your apples look cool!

Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

These lunch bags will definitely keep your lunch from being stolen because they make your sandwiches look like they have mold all over them. Now that is a genius idea, isn’t it?

Football Chair

Want to play football sitting down? This football chair will allow you to do just that. Who would want to play football sitting down though?

Dust Dan Slippers

No more bending down to use the dust pan when sweeping the floor. These slippers are a dust pan and broom too, so just use them to clean your floors with for now on.

Stairs With Hidden Drawers

Normal stairs are just too boring, aren’t they? Why not install stairs with hidden drawers in them? This is ideal for extra storage and they just look cool, too!

Knitted Beard Hat

Have you always wanted a beard but could never grow one? This knitted beard hat will make you look like you have a beard while keeping you nice and cozy.

Sleeping Bag With Arms And Legs

Now this is really genius here. It’s a sleeping bag with arms and legs in it so you can actually move around when camping. No more having to unzip the sleeping bag to go to the bathroom or get something to eat.

Hamster Cage Paper Shredder

Do you need to keep your pet hamster’s cage clean and get rid of some of those papers stacking up on your desk at the same time? This hamster cage paper shredder can do just that. No more having to clean your pet’s cage out and you can get rid of papers at the same time!