20 Ways The ’00s Were Actually The Best

The Many Hairstyles Of Justin Timberlake

If it wasn’t frosted tips, he was sporting angelic curls or a buzz cut. The ’00s were Justin Timberlake’s playground and with his hair, he changed the game over and over again.

The Coming Of The Wii

Teenagers of the ’00s all suffered from constant tennis elbow, thanks to the arrival of the Wii games. Sporting a Wii-related injury was just one of the signs that you were one of the cool kids and if you didn’t know how to play, you were really missing out.

The Original iMacs

Apple products these days don’t have anything of the iMacs of the ’00s. You weren’t anybody if your home office didn’t have some sort of iMac technology and if you managed to snag a colored computer, you were a social leader.

The Invention Of Heelys

Why walk when you can glide? The invention of the wheeled trainers was the pinnacle of technology and since then, it’s all been a little disappointing.