20 Uses For Natural Coconut Oil

Moisturize And Condition Your Hair

Moisturise and condition your hair with coconut oil mixed with shea butter. It will help get rid of dry and brittle hair.

Create Natural Lotion

Mix a cup of coconut oil with a couple of teaspoons of almond oil to create a moisturizing lotion. Consider adding a few droppings of your favorite essential oil to give it a nice scent.

Use To Sweeten Foods

Coconut oil can be used to sweeten your food in place of sugar. Consider dishing a few teaspoons on your food to help enhance the flavor naturally.

Use It As Shaving Cream

Coconut oil can be replaced with shaving cream and it’s also great for those who have sensitive skin. In addition, the moisture within the oil make it easy to get rid of the excess shaved hairs left on your skin.