20 Unintentionally Hilarious Named Foods

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Food manufacturers will often spend a large amount of time coming up with a name for their product. They need it to be memorable, catchy and most important of all it needs to grab the attention of shoppers and instantly let them know what they are buying. This is why so many foods have such bold or striking names.

However, in some cases the names of foods can grab your attention for all the wrong reasons thanks to a particularly inappropriate yet hilarious choice of words. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Foreign countries each have their own language and local dialects that throw up words that may look and sound similar to English words without sharing the same meaning, while in other cases it can simply be that a company was unaware that a particular phrase had a certain meaning in other parts of the world.

Whatever the case, there are plenty of food products on the market with downright funny names. Here is a collection of some of the best.

Pee Cola

It’s pretty common for drinks to be watered down, but hopefully not always with pee.

Child Shredded Meat

It doesn’t matter how tasty it is or whether it I shredded, eating children is probably wrong.

Soup For Sluts

We aren’t sure that anyone is going to actually want to buy this if it has such a specific market.

Finger Marie

Do what to who?

Mr Brains Pork Faggots

We most definitely didn’t ask for it.

The Jew’s Ear Juice

There are few things as refreshing as the juice from a man’s ear.

Cemen Dip

Okay, surely they are just doing it on purpose now?

Tupla Nut Kick Chocolate

The chocolate might be nice but is the nut kick strictly necessary?

Cock Soup


Hot Shito

Being hot probably doesn’t help it all that much.

Vergina Beer

Let’s not even begin to imagine what this beer tastes like.

Göteborgs Rape

Erm… surely someone could have checked a dictionary.

Dry Blood Orange Soda

Made especially for the vampire market.

Vag Fresh

Just what you need to freshen up your breath.

Nut Kiss

You can’t beat that nutty flavor.

Only Puke

C’mon and try it, it’s only vomit after all.

Urinal Hot Drink

Well it will probably have a very unique taste — maybe suited to Bear Grylls?

Batmilk Yoghurt

Who wouldn’t want some delicious yogurt made from fresh bat milk?

Pet Sweat

Because who doesn’t need huge bottles of sweat sourced directly from domestic animals.

Tastes Like Grandma Jam

We aren’t sure how these people like their jam, but most people prefer the normal fruit flavor.