20 Tunes That Were Written By Unexpected People

Crash Bandicoot Soundtrack

Its hard to forget the band Devo, who wore those weird red hats and sang that weird song “Whip It.” The band was co-founded and lead by Mark Mothersbaugh who is still famous for his weirdness – he is, perhaps, not so famous for writing all of the background music for the famous videogame Crash Bandicoot.

Band-Aid Jingle

Even though you’d probably never admit to liking his pop songs, you are likely a Barry Manilow fan whether you know it or not. Aside from “Copacabana” and “Mandy,” Manilow also wrote the jingles for Band-Aid brand, KFC, and State Farm Insurance.

Manic Monday

The album Different Light was a big success for the all girl pop-rock group The Bangles. While the ladies did write a lot of their own songs, they didn’t write they hit “Manic Monday” – that was written by the even bigger rock star Prince.

Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)

The track off of The Doors self-titled debut album seems like a perfect fit for a lead singer who was famous for abusing drugs and alcohol. Oddly enough, Jim Morrison didn’t write “Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)” – it was a poem written by playwright and Marxist Bertolt Brecht criticizing Capitalism and how it valued sex as a commodity.