10 Delicious Bacon-Infused Foods And Drinks To Try

For some truly odd reason, people have begun combining bacon with a wide variety of other foods. For example, there are now bacon milkshakes, cupcakes, and even entire hot-dog buns made of nothing but bacon. Our generation of youngsters are obsessed with the meat product, despite some doctors claiming consuming too much will take years off of your life. Cooks, however, do not care, as they have concocted some truly odd combinations involving bacon. Here are ten delicious ways people have mixed bacon with other foods, and we’ll be trying some of these pretty soon!

Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

People really love combining bacon with dessert, so it makes sense that Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies were created. The weird combination of chocolate and crispy meat may work for some people, though.

Bacon Sundae

Denny’s is probably the most famous for introducing their Bacon Sundae, which is ice cream, caramel syrup, and strips of crispy bacon combined into one bowl. Burger King even had their own for awhile.