20 Times We Saw a Little Too Much of Kate Middleton

Oh, the Yellow Dress

The one we’re looking at here is far left. Taken in April, when Kate, Will and Baby George were in Australia, Kate had another “yellow dress moment” as she deplaned with Baby G in arms.

Same Taxi Ride, Different View

Here she is again—showing legs, lace and a big smile. But this time, underwear was included. Seeing as there’s no wedding ring on her finger, the Duchess was obviously enjoying her last days of singledom.

Australian Winds

Something about Australia, the winds and stepping off a plane… Seems to be a recipe for Kate showing a little too much. Here she is again, looking positively stunning with her family, but alas, struggling to keep her dress and her coat where they belong!

Tanned Legs

Here’s the Duchess with her Duke, both looking fresh-faced with golden tans. They just left a London nightclub, made it safely to the car, but Kate’s long, muscular legs could not escape getting photographed.