20 Superfoods To Promote Your Health & Extend Your Life


Though deceptively tiny, blueberries are actually a fantastic anti-aging food. Eating a serving of these keeps the daily calorie count low, while adding plenty of fiber to keep you full.


You’ve been hearing since you were a child to eat your veggies — and we are here with the real reasons as to why you should. For one, broccoli has less than 30 calories a serving. That’s right, 30, not 300. It is also packed full of filling fiber. Not to mention the fact that there are countless ways to eat them, including raw, steamed, grilled, or mixed in with a delicious salad or other healthy meal.

Brown Rice

Remember earlier when we suggested black beans with rice? Well this is the rice you want to serve your beans with, for a power-packed side to any meal. Brown rice is significantly healthier than white rice, as it contains much more fiber with a lot less calories.


Nuts are a great food to turn to for healthy fats that are low in carbs. Almonds, especially, are fantastic for keeping eaters full for extended periods of time without packing on the calories.