20 Struggles Of Brits Who Study In America

Facing The Prospect Of Underage Drinking Again

Are you under 21? Congratulations! It’s no longer legal for you to drink or buy alcohol. You’ve been over the legal drinking age for so long now that you completely forgot what it felt like to be a child. Luckily, America is on hand to remind you again.

Missing All Of The Good Parties Because You Don’t Know Anyone

Arriving at your new American college brings back memories of your first traumatic day at your British university. Back then, you missed out on everything that was happening because you had no idea who anyone was. Now, the same thing happens again, only it’s a lot more scary and lonely.

Getting Thrown Out Of The Parties You Do Attend By The Police

Parties that you do manage to attend are some of the best that you have visited in your life and for a brief moment in time, you can’t believe your luck. Pretty soon, though, a neighbor calls the police and once they find out you’re all underage, the party’s over.

Being Forced To Get Involved In Every Activity

You’re so focused on making this year the best time of your life that you sign up for every activity and college group, no matter what it is. Soon, you find yourself balancing five different outings on the same day, but if it means more friends, you’re up for it.