20 Strange Body Modifications That People Actually Have

Magnetic Implants

A piercing can be a painful process to some, so a magnetic implant could be useful for those who want to explore with different pieces of jewelry. The implant, which is buried underneath the skin, can attract any metal object without any pain.

Uvula Piercing

Most piercings within the mouth don’t quite go as far as the uvula, which is the soft palate between the tonsils. Unlike most piercings, the uvula piercing can barely ever be seen by other people, is incredibly painful, and quite difficult to obtain. This is another purely cosmetic modification.

Skin Stretching

Skin stretching is quite common these days, especially within the ears. It is also a common practice within many Africa tribes. Ears, noses, and lips are all common to be stretched out using different sized gauges.

Elf Ears

The world of fantasy is ever growing, but the race of the elf is almost always present within these stories. This particular body modification will ensure the owner has ears similar to that of an elf – pointed at the very tip. The most common method is to remove a wedge-shaped portion of skin at the top of the ear, then suture the two together.