20 Strange Body Modifications That People Actually Have

Almost every single day you’ll see someone with a tattoo or a piercing somewhere on their body. These are the most basic of body modifications in today’s society, and they are beginning to become far more accepted and normal in our world. However, there are plenty of other body modifications that truly take things to the extreme. People will get almost anything done to their body if they feel the desire to do so. These are just twenty examples of what some out-there individuals are having done to their body. It may bring a grimace to your face.

Teeth Sharpening

Teeth sharpening is exactly what it sounds like: the manual sharpening of one’s teeth, usually the front incisors are done. This was generally done as a spiritual purpose, but now has become a decorative body modification.

Neck Rings

Neck rings are generally seen in many tribal cultures, and are quite often used for important traditions. In tribal women, neck rings are used to elongate the neck, pushing the collarbone and ribcage down, twisting them to an angle lower than natural.

Tongue Splitting

Tongue splitting is certainly an oddity to behold. The bifurcation or forking of the tongue is a body modification that resembles that of a snake. Some people do it to increase sensation while kissing their partner, and some do it simply for the novelty. Still, others see a spiritual purpose to it.

Corset Piercings

Corset piercings are one of the more painful body modifications, thanks to the numerous piercings up and down the back. The piercings are then laced to appear similar to a corset. There are no uses for this particular modification. Instead, this is purely cosmetic.