20 Shocking Methods People Use To Get High

Everyone has their poison of choice when it comes to taking the edge off – some people like a little beer or wine, some enjoy a bit of a toke, and some people prefer to snort or inject the really hard stuff. While excess of alcohol is dangerous and aggressive intake of cocaine or heroine is as hazardous as it is illegal, there are some methods people use to get high that come out of intense desperation. Drugs are alarming, but when you hear about these substances they become downright disturbing.

A Little Pruno

Alcohol, as one might imagine, is not allowed in prison, but that doesn’t mean inmates are going to go without. Enter prison wine aka “Pruno,” leftover food that is left to ferment into alcohol in a plastic bag. A batch made of potatoes, apples, ketchup, peaches, and jelly – said to smell of baby poo with a magenta color – gave prisoners botulism in California in 2004.

Blood Brothers

Third world countries by their very definition are nations that are still in a state of development and are often very poor, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have access to expensive drugs. Heroin users in Africa will gather in groups and have one person shoot up. Once they have waited for the drug to circulate through that person’s blood, they will take blood from that person and inject into themselves to achieve a high.

Side Effects Include PV

In Columbia, Ayahuasca is brewed together with a combination of wine and a shrub with hallucinogenic properties. Every year tourists travel to try the substance that has an intense psychotropic effect as well as what the locals call “la purga,” the explosive vomiting that is supposedly a key part of the experience.

Everything But The Kitchen Sink

In the poorer regions of Argentina, Peru, and Chile, people resort to using the ultra cheap “Paco” or “Cocaine Paste” as their drug of choice. Consumed with metal pipes, it is made up of the leftovers from the preparation for making cocaine, and often includes things like weed, kerosene, sulphuric acid, steel wool, and shards of glass.