20 Shocking Conspiracy Theories You Won’t Believe

Hitler Died In South America

There’s most recently been a book released on the concept but in real life, some people actually exist that Hitler never died in the bunker and instead, escaped to South America in order to make a life for himself. Whilst the claims can never be backed up with solid proof, it’s scary to think about.

The Bermuda Triangle Is Responsible For Strange Disappearances

There are no end to the conspiracies surrounding the Bermuda Triangle, the triangle-shaped stretch of Ocean between Bermuda, Miami and Puerto Rico. Many people believe that the area is an underwater testing facility for the US, or home to a strange time warp. The amount of unexplained disappearances around the area seem to point to something fishy but the question is, which conspiracy is the truth?

The Cold War Was Staged

Some people believe that not only was the entire Cold War faked but also, that Communism was a construct of America. Theorists believe that the reasoning behind the war was so that the Vatican could overtake country after country and install dictators as the head of state. Whilst it’s impossible to disprove, it certainly didn’t work out for the Vatican.

Nazis Were Backed By The Vatican

Despite claims that the Nazis were the antithesis of the Vatican, there are many people who believe that the religious figures helped to backup and support the Germans during the Second World War. Whilst claims might seem a little silly, there have been reports of the Vatican creating false identities for Nazis in order to help them escape. The jury’s out on this one.