20 Ridiculous Things Some Celebrities Actually Believe

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The world loves its celebrities. Some people adore them so much that they take on a God-like status. They are rich, powerful and famous and they spend their days entertaining those who worship them – of course they are deeply admired. But just because they are all these amazing things doesn’t mean they aren’t still very human and therefore prone to their own strange tendencies and beliefs. While following scientology might seem like the pinnacle of crazy for some (we should really give Tom Cruise a break), there are celebrities out there who believe in actually crazy things.


Did you know that rapper Akon owns a diamond mine in South Africa? Despite the gross public awareness of blood diamonds, Akon defends his mine by saying that Amnesty International exaggerates the blood shed and the death surrounding conflict diamonds.

Dan Aykroyd

An iconic actor who starred in beloved movies like The Blues Brothers and Ghostbusters, Canadian star Dan Aykroyd is not only a gifted comedian but also heartily believes in the existence of aliens. An outspoken proponent that extraterrestrials will one day visit Earth and take humans away, he is an avid member of Mutual UFO Network.

Angelina Jolie

During her marriage to Billy Bob Thornton, Angelina Jolie had some rather warped notions about what was romantic. She and her then husband cut themselves and bled into lockets and then wore each other’s blood around their necks, thinking it would bring them closer as a couple.

Charlie Sheen

Everyone remembers the huge public breakdown of Charlie Sheen – Winning! Tiger’s Blood! – the one that got him fired from his hit TV show “Two and a Half Men.” Amongst his strange rantings, he has stated on several occasions that he believes the 9/11 terrorist attacks were an inside job.

Steven Seagal

All of the American shootings that have been happening over the past few years are tragedies, but actor Steven Seagal doesn’t see them as happenstance. He has said that he believes most of these attacks to be engineered to add fire to the gun control argument.

Megan Fox

The gorgeous screen siren who has graced the screens of Transformers and This Is 40 has a number of odd beliefs to her credit. She has openly admitted that she speaks in tongues and believes in leprechauns and Bigfoot.

Alice Walker

Alice Walker wrote the incredibly powerful novel The Color Purple and won a Pulitzer prize for it, so she must be smart and full of good common sense, right? Walker is an outspoken follower of David Icke, a conspiracy theorist who believes the world is controlled by a race of alien reptile people.

The Foo Fighters

While it is common sense that HIV and AIDS are linked, rock band The Foo Fighters are open supporters of “Alive and Well” and organization that denies said link. They even put on a benefit concert for the organization in 2000.

Lady Gaga

If you’ve ever seen Lady Gaga, then you could probably guess she is quite odd. One of her biggest quirks is her celibacy, or rather her reason behind it. She stays abstinent because she believes whomever she might have sex with will absorb and subsequently steal her creativity.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle gained fame for creating one of the most meticulous and highly logical characters in all of literature – Sherlock Holmes. Ironically, even though he created such a right minded person on the page, Doyle actually believed in the existence of fairies.

Richard Belzer

You probably recognize him from his days on “Law & Order: SVU,” but you likely don’t know that he is also a prolific author. He is an avid conspiracy theorist who has written about the death of Princess Diana and the disappearance of Malaysian Flight 370, but his favorite subject is the Kennedy assassination.

Randy Quaid

Lots of celebrities have stalkers they should be afraid of, but actor Randy Quaid took that fear to a whole new level of paranoia. In 2010, Quaid and his wife fled to Canada claiming they were being followed by “star whackers,” supposedly the same people who killed off Heath Ledger and David Carradine.

Marion Cotillard

The Oscar-winning actress has become famous in recent years for her roles in Inception and The Dark Knight Rises. When she isn’t acting, Marion Cotillard is outspoken about a great many things, like the Apollo moon landings – she believes them to be propaganda and fakery to dupe the Russian government.

Fat Joe

A lot of people have conspiracy theories about who runs the world of hip-hop. According to Fat Joe, CEO of Terror Squad Entertainment, the rap industry is run by the secret Gay Mafia.

Walter Cronkite

A lot of people were quick to question the political efforts of George W. Bush, but legendary news anchor Walter Cronkite took it to a new level. He believed that the Bin Laden video released before the 2004 presidential election was orchestrated by Republican advisor Karl Rove in accordance with Bin Laden to swing the election in fear to Bush’s favor.

Emma Stone

Plenty of people believe in the existence of ghosts, and actress Emma Stone happens to be one of them. She has said she believes that her grandfather’s ghost likes to drop quarters around her house to let her know he’s still there.


Singer Ke$ha has a reputation for being weird, but not just professionally. She has said she has experimented sexually with a ghost which later lead her to require a vaginal exorcism.

Phil Robertson

The “Duck Dynasty” patriarch has come under fire for making his religious beliefs public, but there is one belief in particular that is hard to agree with. Robertson has stated he believes men should marry teenage girls – 15 or 16 years old – before they get into their 20’s and become tainted.

Grant Morrison

Comic book author Grant Morrison is a huge figure in the DC Comic universe, having helped write volumes for the Batman and X-Men mythologies, to name a few. He also happens to be a vocal occultist who believes in magic and that he has been visited by silver blob men from a higher dimension.

Alicia Silverstone/Mayim Bialik

There is plenty of controversy about what age a mother should stop breastfeeding her children – but that isn’t the only feeding method that turns heads and a few stomachs. Actresses Alicia Silverstone and Mayim Bialik feed their children by pre-chewing their kids’ food and then spitting it into their mouth like baby birds – they believe it transfers digestive enzymes and good bacteria through the saliva.