20 Ridiculous Examples Of Sunburn Art

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If you’re regularly plugged in to social media, the you have probably come across the strange new trend that so many see as an alternative to tattoos – tan or sunburn art. Decals or skin protectants like sunscreen are applied in a design; then you leave your skin to bake in the sun until the exposed skin is dark enough for the design to show up underneath. Sounds cool and easy, right? All of the dermatologists in the world having nightmares about this weird fad, but they serve as a great cross-section between hey-what-an-idiot and wow-that-looks-kinda-cool internet picture. Here are some pretty crafty sunburn tattoos and some hilariously failed ones.

The Bat Signal

Everyone loves the valiant Dark Knight, the Caped Crusader, the awesome Batman. But how many love him enough to endure weeks of pain, oozing blisters, and peeling skin?

Smile for the Camera

There has never been a more simple and direct way to express happiness and friendliness than with the display of a smiley face. Then again, subjecting yourself to a painful burn to get one on your back definitely sends mixed messages.

Flowers Before You

The girl in this picture probably loves the beautiful hibiscus on her shoulder. Thirty years from now, when she’s in the hospital with skin cancer, she probably won’t love it so much.

Extra Helping

This is as silly looking as it is depressingly dumb. It’s hard to tell whether this was a sad accident or if this person lost a bet.

Highway to Hell

Apparently, this gentleman really like AC/DC. And yet, no matter hard core it may seem, Brian Johnson probably wouldn’t approve – he’d probably just laugh.

Have a Heart

Some girls are just too afraid to get an actual tattoo because they thinks its going to hurt too much. If only they knew that the pain of a sunburn lasts way longer than the sting of a tattoo needle.

Team Allegiance

Who’s got spirit? Yes, he do! He could very well damage his skin forever and have lots of future health problems – how about you?!

Here’s Mona!

All things considered, this is some pretty impressive sunburn artwork – if all tan tats were this amazing, most people would probably risk their health for them. Even Leonardo da Vinci would probably be proud.

Tanning Vogue

Putting on jewelry is such a hassle – how do I avoid the headache? I know! I’ll just burn it into my skin and I won’t have to remember it!

Redneck Hero

So, you’re a big enough Superman fan to have his symbol burnt onto your chest, eh? But on the other hand, you’re not a big enough fan to actually make the symbol look at least a little bit legit? The Man of Steel would vote “No.”

Holstein Human

The sunburn art in this photo is so perfectly lined up, its hard to tell whether or not it’s photoshopped. But its so inventive and impressive that no one would probably even care.

Tribal Tan

What a perfect way to practice for a real tattoo – get the sunburn version to see if you like it. Hopefully when he goes for the needle, he’ll at least get them to center the design.

She’s a Pistol

Teenage girls aren’t the brightest bulbs in the tanning bed, that goes without saying. But this girl appears to be the bulb who’s filament was busted to begin with.

Croc of Idiots

For this guy’s sake, let’s hope this sunburn art was meant to be a joke. The only thing dumber than sunburn art is someone who wears crocs for their sense of fashion.

Tanning for Anarchy

If this guy has real tattoos, then why go for a sunburn art design? I guess that’s one way to try on being an anarchist for size.

Lovely to Burn

This sunburn design is so intricate and lovely that this girl probably argued it was well worth the pain. Ironically, it won’t be so lovely when her skin starts to turn brown, shrink up, and peel and flake off.

Good For Business

It would make sense to do this if this guy didn’t have any money for regular advertising. But if he did it because he’s cool and thinks he’ll get a lot of good attention, he’s in for a rude awakening.

Tribal Burn

Mom, can I pretty please get a tattoo? It’s going to look so cool!

No! Of course not! Getting a tattoo is the stupidest thing you can do!

You want to see stupid… I’ll show you stupid…

Open Advertising

This woman seems to want everyone to know that she is the Playboy kind of lady and everything that implies. Well, if the sunburn art weren’t a dead give away, then the placement sure is.

Hands On

At the end of the day, this sunburn comes off as more creepy than cool. It looks as though this person doesn’t even know its there. And that begs the question, which makes him dumber – that he knows its there or that he doesn’t?