20 Prisons Everyone Wants To Avoid In Their Lifetime

La Sabaneta, Venezuela

La Sabaneta has gained some notoriety for being the most brutal prison in all of South America. Violence is a daily occurrence for those living within its walls, but that’s not the only thing prisoners must be wary of. Disease, starvation, very little medical care, and underpaid staff are all blatant problems with the facility.

El Rodeo, Guatire, Venezuela

Hugo Chavez’s reign had one of the highest crime rates within Venezuela, and over 50,000 prisoners were crowded into facilities across the country. A visitor day in 2011 ended with a bloodbath between rival gang members and resulted in a month long siege of the entire facility.

ADX Florence Supermax Prison, Colorado

This particular maximum security prison was built specifically in response to attacks happening against guards from inmates in prisons across the country. Psychological torture is quite common here, and many prisoners ultimately commit suicide due to the conditions.

Diyarbakir Prison, Turkey

This penal facility is thought to be the most sadistic and forbidden institutions. Physical and mental torture are beyond common, unlivable conditions, sexual abuse amongst inmates, and the incarceration of children for their entire lives are all too common. Inmates have attempted to gain better conditions through strikes, and some even lit themselves ablaze.