20 Pictures That Prove Selfie Sticks Are Capable Of Capturing Good Photographs

Look Ma, No Hands!

This dirt track rider seems to have hit the peak of his jump which seems like the perfect time to take a selfie. You can see a whole lot of tire tracks behind him, showing us exactly how busy this adrenaline junkie has been.

Splitting The Seas

This picture has a lot of great elements to it. You can notice a beautiful sky in the background, the parting of the water due to the power boat, a person doing a flip on a board while another man takes a selfie. It must have been one amazing afternoon!

Living On The Edge

The best part about any trek is making your way to a view that not many people have witnessed before. This brave man gives us a peek into the beauty of this canyon for the sake of all those people who will never make their way to this spot during their lifetimes.

The Road Less Travelled

Yet another jaw-dropping picture taken by a kind adventurer. The good thing about a selfie stick is that we at least know who is to thank for capturing an amazing picture.