10 Bizarre Deaths All Linked To Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a sleep-like state where a person’s brain is strangely more active than one would think. The main goal of hypnosis is to create imagery that doesn’t include ourselves. What happens is the part of our brain responsible for the consciousness of the self completely shuts down and hypnosis turns on our imagination, making us less aware of ourselves. This all sounds pretty harmless right? However, there’s been an alarming case of things going wrong, too. We’ve found a series of highly unusual deaths that happened to people who were hypnotized and put them on our list below.

Ella Salamon

The case of Ella Salamon’s death comes form 1894 Hungary. Ella was sick and was coughing up blood, but the doctors couldn’t determine where the blood was coming from, so she accepted to be hypnotized by Mr. Neukomm in front of her parents and uncle. As she was put under, she started describing lungs and minutes later she collapsed and died. She is the first person ever recorded to die while under hypnosis.

Thomas Patton

After getting into a fight about the land with his neighbor, Anderson Gray came by his neighbor’s Thomas McDonald’s house and put him under hypnosis. He told McDonald that had to kill Patton, a witness in their ongoing legal battle, or Patton would kill him first. In the state of hypnosis, Gray was also able to “teach” McDonald to have perfect aim despite him being a terrible shot before hypnosis, and told him where to wait for Patton and kill him. Under Gray’s trance, McDonald killed the witness.