20 Of The Silliest Inventions Ever Made

Walking Sleeping Bag

While there is no point in owning a walking sleeping bag, we have to admit that the design is pretty cute. You have to be in a very cold place to wear this though, as it looks very thick and cozy.

DVD Rewinder

We would like to meet the person that invented and manufactured this. Why? Because we would like to slap them because they are complete idiots! A rewinder for your DVDs that don’t even need rewinding!

Cat Wigs

For the crazy cat lady, this is perfect! They love their cats and want to make them prettier, so why not give them a wig?

Picnic Pants

If you are ever out and about and want to have a random picnic, then these are the pants for you. Most picnics are planned and these pants do not look comfortable, so we’ll pass.