20 Of The Most Bizarre Looking Churches In The World

Cardboard Cathedral (New Zealand)

You can’t tell, but this New Zealand church did not get its name from nowhere. The Cardboard cathedral is made of wood, steel, and yes, cardboard tubes. It’s a big tourist attraction and serves as a cathedral and a meeting venue.

Cathegral of Maringa (Brazil)

It’s not a cone. It’s not a hennin. Yep, it’s a cathedral. Funnily enough, when building the Roman Catholic church, the architect was inspired by the Soviet sputnick satellites. Because nothing goes better with Roman Catholicism than space gadgets.

St. George’s Church (Ethiopia)

This church sits in a holy area of Ethiopia and was literally carved out of a variation of limestone. It dates back to the late 12th century or early 13th century and has been called the “eighth wonder of the world”.

Cliff Church (Katskhi, Georgia)

If you can make it here, you just might get to see some of heaven in this church. It sits on top of a 130 foot high rock formation and has been home to a monk for the last 20 years. Most interesting part? He uses a rusty old ladder to get up and down from the church and calls it the stairway to heaven.