20 Of The Geekiest Newborns Ever

There is definitely no shortage of nerds out there, from the hardcore Star Wars aficionados to the dedicated Marvel mavens. Even those who don’t self identify as geeks, have a little bit in them. One way to spot a full blown nerd is to look at their children. Is their baby a spitting image of Yoda? Yup, that’s the offspring of a nerd. Are they channeling a little Harry Potter with round glasses and a lightning bolt scar? Definitely also the child of a nerd. Here are 20 of the geekiest—and honestly cutest—newborn babies you will probably ever see.

Baby Star Wars Jedi

Honestly if he was the star of Star Wars, we would be even bigger fans. He may need a smaller lightsaber though.

Baby Spock

Live long and prosper, little one.

Baby Ninja Turtle

This little guy had a long day at work. Being a ninja is honestly exhausting.

Baby Mario

Taking a quick nap waiting for Luigi.

Baby Princess Leia

She’s got all the Star Wars boys wrapped around her little finger and she knows it.

Baby Hobbit

Taking a quick chill break at the shire before adventure time.

Baby Batman

Batman, wake up, you’re driving a moving vehicle.

Baby Alice In Wonderland

“Wonderland is just so wonderful!”

Baby Batman And Baby Wonderwoman

Nothing like a superhero sleepover, right?

Baby Doctor Who

“Not now, I’m on my lunch break.”

Another Baby Ninja Turtle

This one fills in for the other ninja when his buddy is too tired to fight crime.

Baby Luke

This is awkward. He’s not taking the father news too well.

Baby Harry Potter

Leave him alone, he stayed up all night studying for the Potions final.

Baby Ewok

This is too cute, we have no words for you Baby Ewok.

Baby Flash

Baby Flash pondering his next move.

Baby Yoda

“The cutest, I am.”

Baby Gamer

He’s been playing WoW for six days now. Someone get him out of the house.

Baby Olaf

Waiting for summer like…

Baby Spiderman

His spidey-senses are telling him that it’s time for a diaper change.

Baby Knight

We would love it if this knight in shining armor rescued us, once he awakens from his slumber that is.