20 Of The Craziest Wedding Photos Of All Time

We all know that our wedding day will be the best and most important day of our lives. It’s where we head down the aisle, say “I do” and promise our lives to another. Then, the dancing, partying, and photos begin. While people can go as inexpensive or expensive as they like with most of these things, one thing is for sure: there’s going to be a lot of photos. That got us thinking, since most weddings are pretty tame, what are some of the craziest weddings of all time? After doing a little digging, we think we found some pretty solid contenders. So, without further ado, here are 20 Of The Craziest Wedding Photos of All Time.

Imperial March… Down The Aisle

We really like “Star Wars” too, but we think this takes things just a little too far.

Saying “I Do” From 2,000 Feet

We have to admit, this is actually really impressive. You’d never get us to do it, but we give mad props to this couple.

What Is This?

We’re pretty sure this is a wedding photo but we’re not entirely sure. Maybe the Best Man had a little too much to drink and went a little nuts.

Until Death Do Us Part

This is just creepy in so many ways. The couple is smiling, the long flowing dark dress, and of course the coffin.