20 Of The Craziest Food Mashups Out There

Peeps Flavored Milk

Peeps are a popular treat during Easter, so Prairie Farms thought they would try out some Peeps flavored milk. It came in chocolate marshmallow, marshmallow and Easter eggnog. Nothing about this mashup seems appealing to us.

Chocolate Fried Chicken

This one is extra odd to us, as we love fried chicken and we love chocolate, but we can’t imagine the two of them together. We’re not too sure how this would taste, especially with that BBQ sauce.

Pig Turducken

We want to meet the person that mashed this together — chicken wrapped in duck that is wrapped in turkey that is wrapped in pig! Could they get any more meat in there?

Funnel Cake Burger

They ran out of buns at your local fair, so they decided to make some smaller funnel cakes and use those as the buns. We’re guessing this doesn’t taste too great, as the sweet bun wouldn’t mix well with the contents.