20 Situations You Don’t Want To Find Yourself In

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Every day, there are countless events which happen, leaving us saying “thankfully, that’s not me.” However, it’s always inevitable that people will find themselves in embarrassing situations. The following list contains all kinds of various moments, from people not taking care of their bodies to ones that we may not necessarily be able to control, like an epic prank on somebody that passed out from excessive drinking. Here’s to hoping that these don’t ever happen to you, and if you happen to see somebody in situations like these, make sure to take a picture of it.

Accidental Butt Showing

It’s one thing to show your “plumber’s butt” while working at home, but take some extra steps to prevent this from happening while shopping at the store.

Back Boobs

Perhaps the only thing worse than showing off “front butt” is to give others a show from your backside.

Bad Spray Tan

Trust us, you aren’t fooling anyone with that awful spray tan. The only way to get a true look is to go outside once in a while.

Caught Taking Selfie

If a teenage girl isn’t bright enough to know better than tease to strangers online, then she obviously wouldn’t lock the door, either.

Chain Dancing Gone Wrong

Drunk girls plus candid pictures equal some of the most horrific images out there.

Extreme Prank On Passed Out Guy

Gone are the days of just putting permanent marker on a passed out guy’s face. The effort gone into pranks now is mind blowing.

Big Stripper Rides Man On The Bed

Everyone’s biggest fear after waking up from a poorly executed bachelor party.

Big Man Takes Beach Chair With Him

The least he could have done was put a shirt on.

Dream Girl Kisses Another Man

Don’t worry, bro. We’ve all been there before.

Old Lady Flashing At A Concert

There’s always got to be one woman that still has her youth inside of her at a Rolling Stones concert, and it should have stayed there.

Passed Out In The Bathroom

Another tale of a drunk person that at least makes it to the bathroom, and that’s where the night ended.

Man Hangs Off Building

We don’t really know how this scenario could end up happening, but the man probably was on the losing end of a bet.

News Reporter In A Messy Tub

At some point in this report, she was wondering how her career took a dive into a tub filled of goop.

Shirt On Backwards

Somebody really had to be groggy to put on this top backwards, but at least we invented a cure for “back boobs.”

Stain In Pair Of Jeans At Thrift Store

A friendly reminder to always thoroughly check those clothes when buying them at second-hand stores.

Creepy Man Staring At Woman’s Chest

It’s hard to avoid a woman showing off cleavage, but don’t be so blatantly obvious about it!

Awkward Pose With Hot Girl

Another fine example of a man that has no idea how to pose with a girl that’s out of his league. But at least it was the greatest moment of his life.

Wrestler In An Unfortunate Position

If your parents force you to go out for wrestling, just give them this picture and ask them if that’s how they really want to see their son.

Thong Surprise

Something in this image doesn’t match with everything else.

Toilet Paper Surprise

A new spin on the classic “man walks out of bathroom with toilet paper stuck to his shoe.”