20 Situations You Don’t Want To Find Yourself In

Every day, there are countless events which happen, leaving us saying “thankfully, that’s not me.” However, it’s always inevitable that people will find themselves in embarrassing situations. The following list contains all kinds of various moments, from people not taking care of their bodies to ones that we may not necessarily be able to control, like an epic prank on somebody that passed out from excessive drinking. Here’s to hoping that these don’t ever happen to you, and if you happen to see somebody in situations like these, make sure to take a picture of it.

Accidental Butt Showing

It’s one thing to show your “plumber’s butt” while working at home, but take some extra steps to prevent this from happening while shopping at the store.

Back Boobs

Perhaps the only thing worse than showing off “front butt” is to give others a show from your backside.

Bad Spray Tan

Trust us, you aren’t fooling anyone with that awful spray tan. The only way to get a true look is to go outside once in a while.

Caught Taking Selfie

If a teenage girl isn’t bright enough to know better than tease to strangers online, then she obviously wouldn’t lock the door, either.